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Theory from the South

Call for Applications

Theme: Theory from the South
Subtitle: Interrogating the Global Dis/Order
Type: 2018 Summer Seminar
Institution: Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (ICSI), New School
for Social Research
Location: New York, NY (USA)
Date: 10.–16.6.2018
Deadline: 15.12.2017

“The Global South” has become a shorthand for the universe of
non-European, postcolonial peoples; it is that half of the planet
about which, conventionally, the “Global North” spins theories.
Rarely is it seen as a source of explanations for world historical
processes, past or present, let alone as the source of those
processes. Yet, as much of the northern hemisphere experiences
increasing fiscal inscrutability and rising inequality, state
privatization, crime and corruption, ethnic conflict, authoritarian
populism, and other “crises,” it looks as though it is evolving
southward, so to speak. Is this so? Might the relation of “north” and
“south” be more a matter of complementary inequity, more a construct
of the dialectical imagination, than a hard-and-fast empirical

In this seminar, we shall reverse the usual order of things,
addressing a range of familiar themes in order to theorize them anew
from the “eccentric location” of the “south,” broadly conceived:
among those themes, neoliberalism and its futures; the changing
relations among capital, the state and governance; democracy,
authoritarian populism, and new forms of political life; the
fetishism of the law and the judicialization of the public sphere;
the paradoxes of twenty-first century nationhood and its
jurisdictions; new magical economies; the crisis of liberalism; the
meaning of crime and the metaphysics of disorder; and the present and
future political economy of identity. This re-imagining of the
contemporary global dis/order renders key problems of our time at
once strange and familiar, giving an ironic twist to the evolutionary
pathways long assumed by social scientists.

The Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (ICSI) at the New School
for Social Research is pleased to announce that we are now accepting
applications for our 2018 Summer Seminars (June 10 - 16, 2018).
Advanced graduate students and faculty are eligible to apply.
Applications are due December 15, 2017.

ICSI offers advanced graduate students and faculty from around the
world the opportunity to spend a week at the New School’s campus in
Greenwich Village, working closely with some of the most
distinguished thinkers shaping the course of contemporary social
inquiry. The Institute is founded on the premise that responding to
current and emergent problems requires developing our collective
capacities to formulate new and better questions, rather than relying
on the application of all too familiar ready-made theories. Our
themes are mobile and responsive, joining conceptual labor with
pressing political concerns in our times, in an effort to understand
and act upon better that which is emergent on our collective
horizons. The Institute offers a unique and intensive opportunity for
fellows to pursue this charge in one of the three week-long seminars
designed to cultivate styles of thinking and conceptual vocabularies
that address the disparate sites and unequal conditions in which we

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