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Philosophy in an Age of Crisis

Call for Papers

Theme: Philosophy in an Age of Crisis
Subtitle: Challenges and Prospects
Type: ISUD XII World Congress
Institution: International Society for Universal Dialogue
  Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
Location: Lima (Peru)
Date: 10.–15.7.2018
Deadline: 10.10.2017

The International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD) will hold its
12th World Congress in Lima, Peru from 10 July until 15 July, 2018.
The hosting institution is the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
(Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, PUCP).

The goal of this World Congress is to promote dialogue concerning
various crucial philosophical issues in today’s world and to explore
the role of philosophy in our complicated times. The world we live in
today faces many urgent issues that require sustained and productive
cross-cultural dialogue. The ideals of global peace and security
remain elusive while a sense of uncertainty pervades the dominant
institutions of contemporary life. Traditional human values
underlying our social and political institutions are continually
transformed by new developments in information technology,
digitalization, artificial intelligence, and the drive for economic
efficiency. Although the globalization of trade and technology has
brought people together as never before, our differing outlooks,
habits, and ideologies continue to separate us.

As philosophers, we must neither shut ourselves in ivory towers nor
indulge ourselves with armchair philosophy. We must face the issues
that define our moment in history. Our times demand that we, as
philosophers, work to foster intellectual insight, imagination,
social responsibility, and justice. Therefore, the International
Society for Universal Dialogue issues a call for papers and proposals
for panels for the 12th World Congress of ISUD on the general theme
of “Philosophy in an Age of Crisis: Challenges and Prospects”, with
the following sub-themes:

1. Philosophic innovation in a Promethean era
2. The ivory tower and social involvement
3. Cross-cultural dialogue and the building of common humanity
4. Learning to be human in an age of crisis and uncertainty
5. The Digital Revolution and the post-human
6. The benefits and threats of technicization and science
7. The status and roles of knowledge in the contemporary world
8. Religion, philosophy, and society
9. Art and morality in the contemporary world
10. Nationalism, populism and the challenge to universalism
11. Globalization, anti-globalization or glocalization
12. Cultural diversity and universal harmony
13. Cosmopolitanism and transnationalism
14. Ecology and environmental justice
15. Gender issues in family, workplace, and cultural contexts

This call is directed to philosophers and scholars from different
disciplines who are interested in discussing the above themes. The
International Society for Universal Dialogue is a member of the
International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP).

Please send abstracts of papers (around 300-500 words) or proposals
for panels (including a description of the theme of the panel as well
as abstracts for each paper) in Microsoft Word format as an
attachment of email to Professor Emilya Tajsina at:
The body of the email must include contact information (email
address, mailing address, phone number, affiliation institute) of the
author(s). The presentation of each paper should be 20 minutes
maximum. A panel should include at least 3 presentations for a total
time of 90 minutes.

The deadline for submission of abstracts and proposals is 10 October,
2017. Abstracts and proposals will be evaluated through an anonymous
peer review process. Notice of acceptance will arrive by 1 December,
2017. The deadline for submission of full papers is 15 March, 2018.
Abstract and papers received after the deadline may still be
considered if spaces are available.

The congress registration fee is 60 euros (or equivalent) plus 20
euros (or equivalent) biannual dues for ISUD membership. Both
registration fee and membership dues will be payable at the congress
venue. Waiver for either or both the fees and dues is possible for
scholars from developing regions.

Dialogue and Universalism: Journal of the International Society for
Universal Dialogue will publish selected papers presented at the

Information of accommodation and transportation will soon be
available on the ISUD official website at:
For additional information about the ISUD 12th World Congress please
contact Professor Keqian Xu at xukeqian(at) or Professor
Victor J. Krebs at vkrebs(at)

We look forward to meeting with you in Lima and to continuing the
tradition and legacy of the International Society for Universal

Conference website: