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Call for Papers

Theme: Transformations
Type: Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium
Institution: Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Location: Corpus Christi, TX (USA)
Date: 5.–6.4.2018
Deadline: 2.2.2018

In the inaugural issue of Transgender Studies Quarterly, professor
and graphic novelist A. Finn Enke wrote: “translation creates two
things: first, something new; and second, the illusion that there was
an original from which the translation sprang. But there is no
original: the poem is a medium, a conveyance.” In addition to
translation, many other forms of change and alteration involve the
negotiation of power and potential, what Enke calls “the dance
between.” At this year’s College of Liberal Arts Graduate Symposium,
we will explore this “dance between” as a trans-motion, one that
moves “across, through, over, to or on the other side of, beyond,
outside of, from one place, person, things, or state to another’s.”

Under the theme of “Transformations,” this symposium hopes to
traverse a range of disciplines and perspectives across the campus
and our region. Our focus, broadly construed, encompasses concepts
such as change, metamorphosis, flows & movements, adaptations &
conversions. How do translations from one language to another, one
medium to another, or one cultural context to another transform our
understandings of works of literature, history, or art? How do
movements across spatial borders, real or imagined, transform those
who undertake these crossings? How have revolutions or other radical
undertakings transformed our interpretations of history and memory?
How do bodily modifications and adaptations transform the lives of
those who inhabit those bodies? And what are the many shapes that
personal transformation can take for those who participate in any of
these processes?

One of the main concepts this symposium hopes to explore is a focus
on the “transnational.” For instance, how does popular media
circulate across communities around the globe and blur or clarify
boundaries of citizenship, nationalism, and internationalism? Our
keynote speaker, Dr. Lily Wong, an emerging scholar on Transpacific
Chinese, Sinophone, and Asian American Literature, will discuss her
new book, “Transpacific Attachments: Sex Work, Media Networks, and
Affective Histories of Chineseness," which focuses on the figure of
the sex worker to examine shifting formations of Chineseness in the
United States, China and Sinophone communities across the early
twentieth century to the present.

We invite submissions on any humanistic approach to the rubric of
“trans” and the concept of “transformations” from graduate scholars
working in a broad range of fields across the humanities, including
but not limited to the fields of literature, history, theater and
dance, women, gender and sexuality studies, environmental humanities,
oceanic studies, digital humanities, and ethnic studies. Panels might
take up questions of translation, transnational, or transgender
studies, as well as questions related to transformation broadly
construed. Abstracts from undergraduate researchers, creative
writers, artists, and performers are also welcome, as are proposals
for non-traditional panel formats. Papers that adopt
interdisciplinary perspectives and employ diverse theoretical vantage
points are encouraged. Presentations should be limited to 15 minutes.
The symposium will be open to the public.

Possible paper topics include (but are not limited to):

* Transnationalism:
 - Migration and Diaspora
 - War and Displacements
 - Borderlands

* Translation:
 - Translated works
 - Translators
 - Multi-lingual works and communities

* Transgender Studies:
 - Transgender identities/communities
 - Histories of transgender activism or outreach
 - Visual arts and transgender identities
 - Transformations of queer identities and communities

* Adaptation:
 - Adaptations and their historical moments
 - Famous works across media
 - Transmedial and digital expressions; working across platforms and
 - Transformations from imaginative expression to physical/material

* Historical Re-Interpretation:
 - Revision and re-periodization
 - Revolutions and social movements
 - Environmental change and justice

* The Transhistorical:
 - Concepts or struggles that seem “timeless”
 - Imagined futures and counterfactual histories
 - Cyclical or recurring movements, events, periods

* Conversion:
 - Narratives or histories of religious or spiritual conversion
 - Changes in psychological or physiological states
 - Transactions between experience and memory

To apply, please submit:

- A 500-word abstract describing the paper’s argument, critical
 context, and significance. Please include your name, contact
 information, and paper title with the abstract.
- An up-to-date CV.
- A brief biography (200-300 words)

Where to submit:

Abstracts, CVs, and bios should be submitted via email to:

Any questions may also be directed to this address.

Deadline for Abstracts: Friday, February 2nd, 2018
Acceptances will be sent out by early March.


Chrissy Lau
Email: chrissy.lau(at)

Lucy Sheehan
Email: lucy.sheehan(at)

Sarah Salter
Email: sarah.salter(at)