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04.12.2017 13:48 Alter: 12 days

Philosophies of Communication

Call for Papers

Theme: Philosophies of Communication
Subtitle: East and West
Type: International Colloquium
Institution: School of English, University of Hong Kong
Location: Hong Kong (China)
Date: 2.–3.2.2018
Deadline: 15.12.2017

For this international colloquium we welcome papers that explore
aspects of language philosophy with a focus on the relation between
Eastern and Western paradigms. Contributions can be historical,
philosophical, literary, linguistic, or related to media /
communication, but all in one way or another connected to the
question if and how the intercultural perspective can be useful or
informative for the study of language and communication in the broad

We plan to publish a number of papers presented at the colloquium in
a 2018 special issue of Empedocles: European Journal for the
Philosophy of Communication (Intellect, Editor: Johan Siebers).

We invite you to submit your abstract (ca. 300 words) by the deadline
of December 15th, 2017. Please send it to:
apable(at)  und  J.Siebers(at)


Adrian Pablé (University of Hong Kong)

Johan Siebers (Middlesex University)