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Living Philosophic Traditions

Call for Papers

Theme: Living Philosophic Traditions
Type: 13th Annual Conference
Institution: Prometheus Trust
Location: Mancetter, Warwickshire (United Kingdom)
Date: 29.6.–1.7.2018
Deadline: 6.4.2018

What does it mean to live within a philosophic tradition? Does a
conscious acceptance of our place within a tradition enhance both the
tradition itself and our own living philosophy? Do we have
obligations to any tradition from which we learn? How does a
tradition avoid fossilization? How do we receive elements of a
tradition from many generations back, and how do we hand on our
understanding of them to future generations?

We are all familiar with the concept of a global society in which we
communicate with our contemporaries across boundaries of culture,
religion, philosophy, as well as those of the nation state, and we
are ever more conscious of its rewards and its dangers. But what of
the communion with generations passed and those to come?  Are there
greater rewards and pitfalls in our dealings with the
transgenerational society?

One thing is certain: we cannot opt out of tradition – it supplies us
with a vast store of insights, concepts and assumptions together with
works of art, languages, material wealth – all of which we hand on in
varied ways to those who are to follow us. The problems we confront
today have largely arisen from our inheritance, and our search for
intelligent responses to them will, no doubt, involve us in a
recovery of the wisdom that lies half-hidden in the same inheritance.

This conference welcomes papers on all aspects of this theme: the
interaction of theory and practice; the personal experiences of
contributors who are consciously aligning themselves with particular
philosophical traditions; studies of those individuals or schools who
have attempted to strengthen or revive traditions; questions of
literacy and orality; of inclusivity and exclusivity; of new
technology; of the generation of new traditions and the corruption of
old ones; of individuality within philosophical communities and their
traditions; teacher-pupil interaction within traditions; the place of
art in reinvigorating and passing on traditions; and much more
besides.The Prometheus Trust centres itself on the Platonic
tradition, but is keen that the conference attracts those who are
exploring and speaking from other traditions.  As usual, the Trust
welcomes abstracts from academics and non-academics, specialists and

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words and should be sent to
conference(at) at the latest by Friday, 6 April
2018. Acceptance of these will be confirmed as quickly as possible –
however, this could be after the submission deadline.

Papers should be around 2500-3000 words or 20 minutes’ presentation
(we usually allow a further 15-20 minutes for a question and answer
session after each presentation).


Dr Briony Addey, Conference Secretary
The Prometheus Trust
Email: conference(at)