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Property Rights and Human Rights

Call for Papers

Theme: Property Rights and Human Rights
Subtitle: New Possibilities in an Age of Inequality
Type: Interdisciplinary Conference
Institution: Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies and
Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University
Location: Melbourne, VIC (Australia)
Date: 9.–10.8.2018
Deadline: 20.3.2018

The Monash University Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory
Studies, and the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, invite
submissions for an interdisciplinary conference on "Property Rights
and Human Rights: New Possibilities in an Age of Inequality" to be
held on August 9-10, 2018.

The debate on property rights and human rights has renewed relevance
as a result of global inequality, mass movements of people, and
modern forms of slavery. While the underlying issue remains tensions
between the distributional consequences of property and property as a
source of freedom from interference, the context has shifted from
protection against arbitrary state takings to the emancipatory
possibilities (and limitations) of property for people often excluded
by the state, including refugees and the internally displaced, ethnic
minorities and indigenous peoples, victims of human trafficking,
farmers and forest-dwellers, and households subject to disability or
extreme poverty.

Recent scholarly responses to the new contexts of property have moved 
from libertarian conceptions, which focus on safeguards against the 
state, to progressive accounts that incorporate social obligations,
and respect for interpersonal relationships, into the definition of
property itself. A common thread for progressive accounts is the
re-emergence of natural law conceptions, which bypass the state as a
source of real or intellectual property rights, and re-configure
property to enhance compatibility with human rights, including
international human rights law. However, residual issues remain as to
competing “essentialist” perspectives on property law, including the
status of private rights to exclude, and the role of the state as a
source of freehold or monopoly rights.

This conference explores the new possibilities of property rights and
human rights in an age of inequality with reference to the following

- Property and distributive justice.
- Property, sovereignty and poverty.
- Property and human trafficking.
- Property, disability and discrimination.
- Property and indigeneity.
- Land grabs and international human rights law.

Confirmed speakers include:
- Gregory Alexander, A. Robert Noll Professor of Law, Cornell
- Robin Paul Malloy, E.I. White Chair and Distinguished Professor of
 Law, Syracuse University; and
- Hanoch Dagan, Stewart and Judy Colton Professor of Legal Theory and
 Innovation, Tel-Aviv University.

Important Dates and Details

Deadline for Abstracts:
20 March 2018

Submission of abstracts:

Announcement of Accepted Abstracts:
30 March 2018

Deadline for Full Text Papers:
15 July 2018

August 9-10 2018

Monash University Law Chambers, Melbourne, Australia

Conference Registration:

- Early registration $200 AUD (closes 30 March 2018.)
- Full registration rate $250AUD (closes 15th July, 2018)
- Students (JD, PhD, SJD or other program) is $80AUD (closes 15th
 July, 2018).

Conference website: