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Cultural Heritage and the Ethics of War

Call for Applications

Theme: Cultural Heritage and the Ethics of War
Type: Postdoctoral Fellow in Practical Philosophy
Institution: Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace,
Stockholm University
Location: Stockholm (Sweden)
Date: from October 2018
Deadline: 30.3.2018

Two-Year Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Stockholm Centre for the
Ethics of War and Peace
Part of the AHRC Heritage in War project

Application deadline: 30th March 2018
Start date: 1st October 2018

The Post-Doctoral Fellow will join the project Cultural Heritage and
the Ethics of War, a collaborative endeavour between Derek Matravers
of the Open University and Helen Frowe of the Stockholm Centre for
the Ethics of War and Peace. The project is funded by the UK Arts and
Humanities Research Council. The successful applicant for will be
appointed to the Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University and
will conduct research in Stockholm. The Department of Philosophy is
Sweden’s largest philosophy department, and is divided into
Theoretical Philosophy and Practical Philosophy. It has a thriving
research community and hosts regular visiting speakers and
conferences. You can find more information about the department here: Please note that there is no requirement to
speak Swedish to hold this post, and research will be undertaken in

The Fellow will be expected to produce and publish high-quality
analytic research on the project theme of the status of cultural
heritage in war. The project, which will run until 30th September
2020, seeks to answer three central questions:

- Under what circumstances may we intentionally or foreseeably damage
 sites of cultural property in war?
- What, if anything, ought we to do to protect cultural property in
 conflict zones, and at what cost?
- What is the appropriate response to damaged sites of cultural

The project will draw on, and contribute to, work on the value and
nature of cultural heritage, proportionality, agent-relative reasons,
duties to aid, liability to harm, notions of ownership, the nature of
value and valuing, and the value of reconstructed artefacts. The
project’s findings have the potential to shed light on various
aspects of war. It will help determine the circumstances in which an
offensive designed to secure a military objective is rendered
disproportionate by the collateral damage it will do to cultural
property; or in which resources should be put towards protecting
cultural property; or in which cultural property ought to be
sacrificed for purely military objectives. As a corollary, it will
help support public understanding about justification (or lack of
justification) for engaging in war, and for conduct within war.
Engagement outside of academia is a key part of the project. Our
collaborative partners include the United States Military Academy at
West Point, the Norwegian Ethics Council for the Defence Sector, the
American University of Beirut and the Institute for Futures Studies
in Stockholm.

The Fellow will be expected to disseminate his or her research via
international conferences. To this end, a research stipend is
attached to the post. The Fellow will also undertake administrative
work related to the running of the project, such as organising
conferences and workshops, undertaking editing work, maintaining the
project website. He or she will be expected to attend and participate
in the project’s various events, including events in the United
States, Middle East and Europe.

More information, including how to apply, is available here:

A second position, to be held at the Open University in the UK, will
be advertised shortly. Candidates are welcome to apply for both

Enquiries should be directed to Helen Frowe, at:


Professor Helen Frowe, Director
Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace
Department of Philosophy
Stockholm University
SE-10691 Stockholm