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Parting Ways with the Nation-State, Toward the Exilic State

Call for Publications

Theme: Parting Ways with the Nation-State, Toward the Exilic State
Publication: The European Legacy
Date: Special Issue
Deadline: 1.2.2018

We invite submissions for a special issue of The European Legacy
dedicated to the themes, thinkers, and central concerns of Judith
Butler’s Parting Ways: Jewishness and the Critique of Zionism (2012).
In particular, we are interested in articles that take up Butler’s
call to rethink the nation-state, and which consider how her
discussion of cohabitation, Jewishness, relationality, translation,
and diasporic/exilic thinking could be brought to bear in envisaging
alternative forms of political belonging.

We are interested likewise in articles that focus on the authors
Butler considers in Parting Ways — Hannah Arendt, Edward W. Said,
Mahmoud Darwish, Emmanuel Levinas, Walter Benjamin, Primo Levi, and
Martin Buber — as well as other thinkers she could have included in
her critique of the nation-state, her discussion of Israel/Palestine,
or as part of the alternative exilic/diasporic current of Jewish
ethics. While the focus of Butler’s book is on Israel/Palestine, we
are interested equally in how relevant her analysis is for a critique
of the nation-state more broadly conceived, in both Europe and beyond.

Above all, we are interested in the lessons that can be drawn from
Butler’s critique of the nation-state. How, for instance, could
Butler’s account inform a politics of resistance to the nation-state?
How is cohabitation linked to translation? Is Butler’s account of
cohabitation limited to a textual methodology? What is the power and
potential of diasporic thinking? Do the diasporic and exilic risk
becoming a privileged cultural site or perspective? Finally, in what
ways do principles such as translation, cohabitation, and the
diasporic frame provide the (a?) basis for rethinking the
nation-state and nationalism?

Articles should be between 6000-8000 words and are due June 1st 2018.
We are also happy to discuss your ideas/abstracts beforehand. The
deadline for those is February 1st 2018. Papers should be sent to the
guest editors and should follow the guidelines for The European

Special Issue Editors:

Dr. Anya Topolski, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Louis Klee, University of Cambridge
Email: A.Topolski(at)