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Race and Inequality in Recreation

Call for Publication

Theme: Race and Inequality in Recreation
Publication: Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America
Date: Vol. 6 (2018)
Deadline: 31.1.1018

We invite submissions for Volume 6 of the peer-reviewed academic
journal Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America
(RASAALA). Volume 6 is tentatively titled “Race and Inequality in
Recreation”. We are particularly interested in articles that explore
the ties between race, inequality, and access to leisure through
sociological, historical, psychological, economic, political, legal,
medical, literary, philosophical and/or interdisciplinary lenses.
RASAALA welcomes submissions from a variety of regions within our
scope and promotes transnational studies.

RASAALA encourages original research into the relationship between
recreation (sports, games, tourism, pageants, and carnivals, etc.)
and communities (local, national, and international) in Africa, Asia
and Latin America. The journal publishes articles on all relevant
domains within which modern, ancient, and traditional recreation and
leisure impacted, continue to impact, and was/is in turn impacted by
society and the individual. RASAALA hopes to chart the debate
relating to the nature of changes in agencies responsible for
development, practice, and organization of recreation and leisure in

Please send your submission (a maximum of 25 double-spaced pages) to
the Chief Editor of RASAALA, Dr. Dannelle Gutarra Cordero (Princeton
University), at dgutarra(at) by January 31, 2018.


Dr. Dannelle Gutarra Cordero
Princeton University
Email: dgutarra(at)