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African Somaesthetics

Call for Publications

Theme: African Somaesthetics
Subtitle: Cultures, Feminisms, Politics
Publication: Edited Volume by Catherine F. Botha
Deadline: 1.6.2018

The editors of Brill’s Studies in Somaesthetics series invite
submissions on the topic "African Somaesthetics: Cultures, Feminisms,
Politics" for a forthcoming edited collection.

The growing interest in the study of the body over the past few
decades, inspired largely by Michel Foucault’s work in the 1970s, has
acquired a novel dimension in Richard Shusterman’s somaesthetics.
Shusterman emphasizes, to a much greater degree than other
contemporary pragmatists, the importance of corporality for the
understanding of human existence. In addition, Shusterman’s focus on
social practice and political experimentation,  as well as his
emphasis on an understanding of truth as relative to specific social
contexts and practices make somaesthetics a fertile and rewarding
area of research.

Somaesthetics has attracted considerable attention in contemporary
literature. However, the majority of these publications have focused
on analyses of the body in Western (and to some extent, Eastern)
cultures. The current volume, entitled "African Somaesthetics:
Cultures, Feminisms, Politics", brings together original research on
the body in African cultures, specifically interrogating the
possibilities of the contribution of a somaesthetic approach in the
context of colonization, decolonization, and globalization in Africa.

The proposed volume will include contributions that are focused on
three main areas: African cultures, African feminisms, and African
politics. The use of the plural when referring to the three sections
of the volume (cultures, feminisms, politics) is deliberate. There is
not one monolithic African culture, feminism or politics, and it is
envisaged that the contributions in this volume will reflect this
diversity of perspectives and positions in their consideration of the
somaesthetic dimensions of experience in the context of Africa.

We invite papers that address these questions from the perspectives
of the visual arts, literature, urbanism, philosophy, cultural
studies, sociology, anthropology, and the interdisciplinary field of

Information about the series

'Brill Studies in Somaesthetics' aims to publish monographs and
anthologies of new research in the interdisciplinary field of
somaesthetics. The field can be briefly defined as the critical study
and meliorative cultivation of the soma as our medium of perceptual
appreciation (aesthesis) and performance but also as the site of our
expressive self-fashioning. Somaesthetics is, therefore, concerned
with a wide diversity of knowledge forms, discourses, social
practices and institutions, cultural traditions and values, and
bodily disciplines that structure (or could improve) such somatic
understanding and cultivation. It is not limited to one theoretical
field, academic or professional vocabulary, cultural ideology, or
particular set of bodily disciplines. Rather it aims to provide a
more fruitful interaction and integration of the very diverse forms
of somatic knowledge currently being practiced and pursued.

The first book in the series is Aesthetic Experience and somaesthetics:

Information about abstract and paper submissions

Authors should submit a separate cover page indicating: author’s
name, institutional affiliation, paper title, abstract of 250 words,
word count, keywords, and contact information.

Abstracts due June 1, 2018.

Papers should be between 6,000 and 9,000 words and prepared for blind
review. They should also be prepared according to the publisher’s
style guidelines as indicated on the Brill website:

Final papers due December 31, 2018.

All submissions should be sent to:

Please put “Studies in Somaesthetics Submission: African
Somaesthetics” in the subject line.


Prof Catherine F. Botha, Head
Department of Philosophy
University of Johannesburg
PO Box 524
Auckland Park, 2006
South Africa
Tel: +27 11 5593403