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Call for Papers


Tolerance and Toleration

Call for PapersTheme: Tolerance and TolerationType: 1st Global ConferenceInstitution: Pandisciplinary.netLocation: Waterford (Ireland)Date: 18.–20.6.2018Deadline: 14.2.2018Tolerance and toleration are at the very core of every society,representing the need to overcome difference for the sake of[mehr]


Fair Trade and the Sustainable Development Goals

Call for PapersTheme: Fair Trade and the Sustainable Development GoalsSubtitle: Investigating the Fairness of Sustainable DevelopmentType: Fair Trade International Symposium 2018Institution: Portsmouth Business School, University of PortsmouthLocation: Portsmouth (United Kingdom)Date: 26.–28.6.2018D[mehr]



Call for PapersTheme: CosmopolitanismType: 1st Cosmopolitanism ConferenceInstitution: Pandisciplinary NetworkLocation: Waterford (Ireland)Date: 21.–23.5.2018Deadline: 14.1.2018At the heart of cosmopolitanism is the notion that today we live in aglobal village. The cosmopolitan person is a kosmopolit[mehr]


Plural Africa

Call for PanelsTheme: Plural AfricaSubtitle: Politics, Knowledge and Social Dynamics in Time and SpaceType: 5th ASAI ConferenceItaly Institution: Associazione per gli Studi Africani in Italia(ASAI)  Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of BolognaLocation: Bologna (Italy)[mehr]


Nationalism and International Order

Call for PapersTheme: Nationalism and International OrderType: International ConferenceInstitution: Leiden UniversityLocation: Leiden (Netherlands)Date: 21.–23.11.2018Deadline: 15.2.2018Nationalism is commonly regarded as posing a challenge tointernational stability and regional and global order mor[mehr]


Becoming Human and Education for/in Global Times

Call for PapersTheme: Becoming Human and Education for/in Global TimesSubtitle: Re-Learning to Be Human for Global TimesType: International ConferenceInstitution: Department of Philosophy, Tunghai University  Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)Location: Taichung (Taiwan)Dat[mehr]


Territorial Sovereignty in the Age of Migration

Call for ApplicationsTheme: Territorial Sovereignty in the Age of MigrationType: Summer CourseInstitution: Central European University  Queen's UniversityLocation: Budapest (Hungary)Date: 9.–13.7.2018Deadline: 14.2.2018 The importance of territory in the current world order isundeniable. [mehr]


Breaking the Eurocentric Model in the Humanities

Call for PapersTheme: Breaking the Eurocentric Model in the HumanitiesType: Premodern Workshop Multi-disciplinary Spring ConferenceInstitution: Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World, Centerfor Early Modern History and Center for Medieval Studies, Universityof MinnesotaLocation: Minneapolis[mehr]


The Legitimacy of Transnational Orders

Call for PapersTheme: The Legitimacy of Transnational OrdersSubtitle: Discussing the Idea of a World StateType: Interdisciplinary WorkshopInstitution: Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy,Boston CollegeLocation: Chestnut Hill, MA (USA)Date: 12.–13.4.2018Deadline: 28.2.2018 Schola[mehr]


Entangled Others – Other Entanglements

Call for Papers Theme: Entangled Others – Other EntanglementsSubtitle: Critical Perspectives on the Relationship of Racism and AntisemitismType: International ConferenceInstitution: Center for Research on Antisemitism, Technische Universität Berlin  International Consortium for [mehr]



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