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Tagungen und Workshops


Conceiving Reproduction: The Impact of German Naturphilosophie

Workshopankündigung: Conceiving Reproduction: The Impact of German NaturphilosophieFreie Universität Berlin July 6-7, 2018 Workshop of the DFG funded research project “Genealogy and Belonging. Concepts of Reproduction, Decent and Kinship”, organized by PD Dr. Susanne Lettow and Gregory Rupik, M[mehr]


Knowledge in Translation

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Knowledge in TranslationType: A Series of three two-day ColloquiaInstitution: Berlin Center for the History of KnowledgeLocation: Berlin (Germany)Date: 4.–5.6. / 20.–21.6. / 5.–6.7.2018 What happens when knowledge is transferred across culturalboundaries? How is it aff[mehr]


Philosophy at the Intersection of Life Sciences and Society

Talk and Workshop Philosophy at the Intersection of Life Sciences and Society, With Christine Hauskeller, Bielefeld University, July 10th–11th, 2018 Philosophy at the Intersection of Life Sciences and SocietyWith Christine Hauskeller, University of Exeter Talk by Christine Hauskeller: Stem [mehr]


Dual-Religious Belonging in Hinduism and Christianity

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Dual-Religious Belonging in Hinduism and ChristianityType: Interdisciplinary ConferenceInstitution: Faculty of Divinity, University of CambridgeLocation: Cambridge (United Kingdom)Date: 3.–4.7.2018An increasingly visible socio-religious feature of some western, andmore [mehr]


Kant's Legal Theory and Global Justice

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Kant's Legal Theory and Global JusticeType: International ConferenceInstitution: Department of Philosophy, University of BayreuthLocation: Bayreuth (Germany)Date: 29.–30.6.2018Conference Program 29 June 20189:30:Coffee and registration10:00-11:15Keynote talk:Marie Newh[mehr]


Philosophy of Religions

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Philosophy of ReligionsSubtitle: Cross-Cultural, Multi-Religious ApproachesType: International ConferenceInstitution: School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science,University of LeedsLocation: Leeds (United Kingdom)Date: 3.–4.7.2018A conference exemplifying and [mehr]


International School for Intercultural Philosophy (EIFI): an intercultural philosophical proyect

AnuncioInstitution: Escuela Internacional de Filosofía Intercultural (EIFI)Location: Barcelona (Spain)(English version below – Deutsche Version unten)Escuela Internacional de Filosofía Intercultural (EIFI):un proyecto filosófico interculturalVisionLa escuela se funda desde el horizonte de una humani[mehr]


Moralischer Fortschritt

KonferenzankündigungTheme: Moralischer FortschrittSubtitle: Märchen oder machbar?Type: Internationales Symposium 2018Institution: Hochschule für PhilosophieLocation: München (Deutschland)Date: 21.–22.6.2018 Die Idee, dass es menschheitsgeschichtlich so etwas wie moralischenFortschritt zu verzeichne[mehr]


Networking on Contemporary Indian Philosophy

Web ResourceTheme: Networking on Contemporary Indian PhilosophyType: Research WeblogMaintainer: Elise Coquereau and Elisa FreschiURL: Following the conference ‘The Challenge of Postcolonial Philosophy inIndia: Too Alien for Contempor[mehr]


Global Justice and Health Workforce Distribution

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Global Justice and Health Workforce Distribution, Type: International Conference, Institution: Emmy Noether Group in Political Philosophy and Bioethics and Centre for Advanced Studies in Bioethics, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Loca[mehr]

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