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31.03.2018 10:18 Alter: 80 days

Philosophy of Religions

Conference Announcement

Theme: Philosophy of Religions
Subtitle: Cross-Cultural, Multi-Religious Approaches
Type: International Conference
Institution: School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science,
University of Leeds
Location: Leeds (United Kingdom)
Date: 3.–4.7.2018

A conference exemplifying and promoting expansive innovations in the
philosophical study of religion in a pluralistic world

Attendance is free but places are limited, so advance booking is
essential. To book a place or request further information, please
contact the conference organiser Dr Mikel Burley:

Confirmed speakers and provisional titles of papers:

Arif Ahmed (University of Cambridge, UK) - Cross-Cultural Philosophy
of Religion: A Critical Perspective

Richard Amesbury (Clemson University, USA) - ‘Religion’ and
Secularity in the Philosophy of Religion

Mikel Burley (University of Leeds, UK) - Expanding the Philosophy of
Religion: Beyond the Rationality of Theism

David Cheetham (University of Birmingham, UK) - Philosophy of
Religion and ‘Presence’: A New Space for Multi-Faith Thinking

Jessica Frazier (University of Oxford, UK) - Knowledge and Selfhood
in Hindu Traditions

Victoria Harrison (University of Macau, China) - The Promises and
Perils of Global Philosophy of Religions

Ian James Kidd (University of Nottingham, UK) - The Religious Sense
and the Religious Life

Timothy Knepper (Drake University, USA) - Enacting the Ends of
Philosophy of Religion: Global, Critical, Comparative, and Lived

Kevin Schilbrack (Appalachian State University, USA) - The Ethics of
Religious Diversity

Tasia Scrutton (University of Leeds, UK) - Can Only a Suffering God
Help? Towards a Contextual and Pragmatic Approach to Philosophy of


Baines Wing Seminar Room G.36
University of Leeds 
Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK


Dr Mikel Burley, Associate Professor
School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
United Kingdom