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Call for Publications


What Is Comparative Philosophy?

Call for PublicationsTheme: What Is Comparative Philosophy?Publication: Edited book by Martin OvensDeadline: 1.8.2018 The book derives from an international colloquium organised at WolfsonCollege, Oxford on the theme, ‘What is Comparative Philosophy?’.Publisher: Cambridge Scholars PublishingIt will[mehr]


Regions Beyond Their Spatiality

Call for PublicationsTheme: Regions Beyond Their SpatialitySubtitle: Political, Social and Urban Approaches to a Post-National ScenariosPublication: Territories: A Trans-Cultural Journal of Regional StudiesDate: Issue Number 1 (July 2018)Deadline: 1.5.2018Territories is a new digital, peer-revi[mehr]


African Somaesthetics

Call for PublicationsTheme: African SomaestheticsSubtitle: Cultures, Feminisms, PoliticsPublication: Edited Volume by Catherine F. BothaDeadline: 1.6.2018The editors of Brill’s Studies in Somaesthetics series invitesubmissions on the topic "African Somaesthetics: Cultures, Feminisms,Politics&qu[mehr]


Academic Freedom and the Global University

Call for PublicationsTheme: Academic Freedom and the Global UniversityPublication: Volume edited by Kevin W. GrayDeadline: 1.9.2018From: Kevin W. Gray <>The expansion of American-style education overseas has been both an economic success, if measured by the rise in n[mehr]


Nations in Time

Call for PublicationsTheme: Nations in TimeSubtitle: Genealogy, History and the Narration of TimePublication: GenealogyDate: Special IssueDeadline: 15.7.2018Like any other human community, one of the fundamental roles nationsplay is to embed individuals in a particular point in time and space.In oth[mehr]


Philosophical Inquiries into Modern Jihadism

Table of ContentsTheme: Philosophical Inquiries into Modern JihadismPublication: Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence (PJCV)Date: Volume 1, Issue 2 (December 2017)The second issue of the Philosophical Journal of Conflict andViolence (PJCV) is dedicated to the issues raised by modern jihadi[mehr]


African Philosophy, Culture and Religions

Call for PublicationsTheme: African Philosophy, Culture and ReligionsPublication: Filosofia Theoretica: Journal of African Philosophy,Culture and ReligionsDate: 2018(Version française en bas)Bi-Lingual Edition (French and English Translations) ofFilosofia Theoretica: Journal of African Philosophy, C[mehr]


Ernst Cassirer's Philosophy of Symbolic Forms

Call for PublicationsTheme: Ernst Cassirer's Philosophy of Symbolic FormsSubtitle: The Method of CulturePublication: Edited VolumeDeadline: 15.5.2018Over the course of the last decade, we have witnessed a dramaticincrease in scholarship on Ernst Cassirer. Publications have beendedicated both to spec[mehr]


Of Sacred Crossroads

Call for PublicationsTheme: Of Sacred CrossroadsSubtitle: Cultural Studies and the SacredPublication: Open Cultural StudiesDate: Special IssueDeadline: 15.3.2018 The seventh International Association for Cultural Studies Crossroadsconference held at the University of the West Indies (Jamaica) wasth[mehr]


South – North: Identity, Development, Borders

Call for PublicationsTheme: South – North: Identity, Development, BordersPublication: Working Papers. Journal of Political StudiesDate: Issue 1 (June 2018)Deadline: 14.3.2018Working Papers. Journal of Political Studies is a new scientificjournal of political studies that publishes essays and contrib[mehr]

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