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(Dis)continuous Identities

Call for Papers

Theme: (Dis)continuous Identities
Subtitle: Globalisation, Trauma, and Reconciliation
Type: The Liberal Herald
  4th Academic Conference for Undergraduate Students and Faculty
Institution: Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA)
Location: Bratislava (Slovakia)
Date: 30.11.–1.12.2017
Deadline: 15.9.2017

From November 30 to December 1, 2017, The Liberal Herald, an
interdisciplinary academic platform based at the Bratislava
International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA), will hold its 4th
academic conference for undergraduate students and faculty. The theme
of this year's event is (Dis)continuous Identities – Globalisation,
Trauma, and Reconciliation. Cultural identities, as we know them
today, evolved in the era of nation-state formation. Forged within an
international system of modern states, they have been cemented by
domestic and international norms and institutions and ritualized in
invented traditions, nationalized history accounts, archives,
museums, rhetoric of political leaders and parties. The Big History
of international relations and domestic historical turning points
reshape the discourses of cultural identities, at times

Since 1989, there have been several such events that reverberated
across the globe. The end of the Cold War resulted in a collapse of
oppressive regimes followed by transitions to democracy in Central
and Eastern Europe, South Africa, Latin America, and East Asia. The
turbulence of these times led to massive conflicts and violence in
the Balkans, central Africa and elsewhere. Much of this past is still
being addressed in the processes of political transition, with
greater or lesser emphasis. Is there an institutional recipe for
success? How is globalisation impacting these processes and cultural
identities within the impacted societies? How are the economic
crises, the refugee crisis, and the rise of identity politics on the
right and the left reshaping the discourses of who belongs?

At The Liberal Herald's 4th academic conference, we hope to explore
these issues from a broad variety of perspectives, as their
interconnections can be found within political science, international
relations, cultural anthropology, political economics, philosophy,
ethics, theology, or psychology. We therefore encourage contributors
to adopt an interdisciplinary approach in addressing the problem.

General Topic Suggestions

1. Identity and cultural trauma

- What role do political regimes play in the formation of collective
- How does historical trauma shape current political discourses?
- Persistence and resolution of cultural trauma in societies
- How is collective identity impacted by a dominant discourse of
 cultural trauma?
- What other concepts can be used to address identity and culture
 (e.g., primary vulnerability)?

2. Institutional mechanisms for addressing the past

- Acknowledgment, apology, forgiveness – which are legitimate goals
 of transition on a political level?
- Truth, peace, and justice – institutional balancing of core
 principles of societal reconciliation
- Ethical and economic questions of reparations
- Do societies have a duty to remember? Consequences of remembering
 and of forgetting on the quality of democracy

3. Globalisation and its impact on identity politics

- Winners and losers of the globalization process
- Ontology of anxiety – populist responses to cultural identities in
- Social insecurity and rise of identity politics

4. European Union and European identity

- BREXIT, the refugee crisis, and European identity or identities
- How are the latest crises influencing the discourse about European

Criteria for Abstracts

Contributors must submit abstracts which are:
- pertinent to the subject matter
- scholarly
- in English
- max. 300 words long

Authors of selected abstracts will be informed by September 30, 2017.
Authors will be required to submit their complete entries, revised
and edited, by November 25, 2017. All papers should be submitted to:

Complete Paper Criteria

Selected papers will be published in 2018 in the special issue of the
peer-reviewed journal of critical thinking Kritika & Kontext,
affiliated with BISLA.

- 2000 - 3500 words long
- revised and edited
- in the APA format

The Liberal Herald's 2017 Essay Competition - Guidelines

Submit an abstract for The Liberal Herald's 4 th academic
conference held from November 30 to December 1, 2017 at the Open
Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia and compete for The Liberal Herald
Award for Excellence in Humanities and Social Sciences!

About the Essay Competition

At The Liberal Herald's 4th academic conference, '(Dis)continuous
Identities: Globalisation, Trauma, and Reconciliation', the
Organising Committee will be honouring the authors of the three best
student essays. The Liberal Herald Award for Excellence in Humanities
and Social Sciences, worth 1000 Euros, serves to recognise
outstanding academic performance and will be distributed in the
following fashion:

The Laureate will be awarded 500 EUR

The 2 remaining Finalists will each be awarded 250 EUR

In order to qualify for the Award, authors must submit the final
draft of their essay by midnight on November 15, 2017. Please bear in
mind that this deadline does not coincide with the regular submission
deadline specified in the Call for Abstracts (November 25). All other
criteria apply (i.e. final entries must be in English, between 2000 –
3500 words long, and conforming to the APA citation format).
Additionally, authors hoping to qualify for the essay competition
must meet the following criteria:

- Be either a) enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate programme at
 an accredited institution or b) within 12 months after graduation;
- Under 28 years of age;
- Be able to personally present their work on the Finalists' Panel at
 The Liberal Herald's 4th academic conference

Assessment and Procedures

All essays will be assessed anonymously by a jury composed of
international experts and academics. The three finalists of The
Liberal Herald's Essay Competition will be notified of their
qualification on November 25, and on November 30, they will
participate in a separate panel discussion, wherein they will a)
present their work and b) debate and provide additional perspectives
on each other's presentations. The jury will then decide on the
victor by secret ballot, and the award ceremony will take place on
December 1.

Important: If you are hoping to participate in the essay contest,
please make sure to attach a confirmation of enrolment or graduation
in your email submission to theliberalherald(at) Please note
that only the authors of papers selected for presentation at the
conference are eligible to participate in the essay competition. This
means that, in order to qualify, authors still have to submit
abstracts of their work before September 15, as specified in the Call
for Abstracts.


Jakub Tlolka, MSc
Mgr. Dagmar Kusá, PhD
James Griffith, PhD

You may submit your queries to:

Conference website: