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Other Asians, Asia's Othering

Call for Papers

Theme: Other Asians, Asia's Othering
Subtitle: Inclusionary Utopias, Exclusionary Politics
Type: International Conference
Institution: Monash Asia Institute (MAI), Monash University
Location: Melbourne, VIC (Australia)
Date: 30.–31.10.2017
Deadline: 15.7.2017

Monash Asia Institute (MAI) is pleased to welcome submissions of
paper abstracts for its Conference on “Other Asians, Asia’s Othering
– Inclusionary Utopias, Exclusionary Politics” on 30-31 October 2017.
The conference will open with a public keynote address by Professor
Krishna Sen (The University of Western Australia) in the evening of
30 October 2017. On the next day, there will be three panel sessions,
each focussing on one of the MAI central research themes for 2017
(see below). Overall, the conference deals with two distinct but
related issues; empirical observation and questions of method: recent
changes in Asia and the challenge of analysing these changes.

Changes in Asia:
Asia has changed dramatically in multiple dimensions in the past
three decades, of which the speed and scope of demographic mobility
and cultural fluidity, are some of the most striking. We witness the
escalation and intensification of mobility, diversity and
connectivity in relation to newly configured politics of
inclusion/exclusion. Why and how politics of race has gained momentum
for a while in some circles, while politics of religion, gender, or
class gained more currency in other times or social settings? Where
and when do they intersect, blend, or contradict across Asia and over

Studying Asia:
Ironically, when such rapid changes are taking place across Asia and
require fresh analyses and comprehension, formal training in “Asian
studies” in schools and universities outside Asia has been in serious
decline or under institutional threat. Where such studies survive,
there has been a significant rise of Asians studying Asia outside
Asia, including Australia in its multiple framework and focus:
studying Asia ‘in’ Australia, studying ‘Asians in Australia’ and
studying ‘Australia as part of Asia’. What does it mean to study Asia
in the new millennium? How and why the Cold War-styled “Asian
studies” has been outdated; how today’s Asia poses institutional and
methodological challenges to studying Asia, in and/or outside Asia?
How can trans-Asia approaches contribute to the debate?

We will welcome papers examining MAI’s three key themes: 1) Migrants,
Diaspora & Identity politics; 2) Mobility, Diversity & Inclusion; 3)
Media and cultural practices, although proposals that are in other
intriguing ways relevant to the conference topic will also be
considered. Papers can focus on a single nation or metropolitan area
in Asia, but priority will be given to papers with focus on
trans-Asian issues, international dimension of a local issue, a
comparative perspective of more than one nation, or innovative
insights into the future of studying Asia in Australia. Innovative
approaches and new interrogations of methods of studying Asia are
most welcome. Early Career Researches are strongly encouraged.

Please submit your proposed title, abstract (200 words max), and
brief biodata (50 words max) to <MAI-Enquiries(at)> by 15 July
2017. Please clearly put “Paper proposal for Other Asians, Asia’s
Othering” in the subject line. Acceptance of proposals will be
notified by the end of July.

Koichi Iwabuchi, Ariel Heryanto, Mridula Nath Chakraborty, Julian
Millie (Monash Asia Institute, Monash University)

Any enquiries should be directed to:

Conference website: